Talismans and Amulets

Instructions on how to charge your talismans by using the power of the full moon. [...]
A brief tutorial on how to make a talisman for bringing love. [...]
Some basic information about talismans and amulets, including the history of their use and the diffe [...]
Instructions for creating your own herbal charm of protection to draw love and repel negativity in t [...]
A commentary on planetary energies and the metals traditionally used to represent them, such as in t [...]
Discussing the different types of amulets used in voodoo and african-based magick systems, including [...]
Useful information when using and constructing amulets and talismans. [...]
Documents the creation of an magickal amulet of purging as part of a sacred journey involving many s [...]
Step by step instructions for making your own orgonite amulet. [...]
A discussion on the differences and similarities between amulets and talismans. [...]
A short overview of what amulets and talismans are, how they work and their differences. [...]
A "video amulet" containing talismanic images with affirmations to ensure protection and promote goo [...]